RightEstate.com cookies policy

This policy has the purpose of illustrating the using-cookies software tools used on the www.rightestate.com website. We use that tools in order to improve the functionalities of our website and the users’ experience, to analyse the users’ behaviours during the web surfing or the pages errors, to costumize contents and provide correct advertising listings.

What is a cookie and which is its purpose?

A cookie is a small data package directly generated and managed by its browser after the receiving of the webserver instructions about the website and/or page code, and memorized on your device in order to file information which could be useful in the future. Some of them have a limited to the single surfing session duration (session cookies), while others have a fixed one, so they remain until expiration (permanent cookies).

Cookies typologies

There are many cookies typologies and possible classifications; to obtain more information about that, we invite you to visit the dedicated page on Wikipedia. Pursuant to the current policy and with reference to the Competent Authorities’ monitoring provision related to the identifying of the simplified modalities for the cookies policy and for them consent, we underline you two particular categories: the technical cookies and the profiling ones.
Technical cookies are strictly necessary for the platform working. They are usually generated by the website directly and installable without any users’ consent.
Profiling cookies are used to create profiles about the users aimed to propose them customized advertisements only or to realize special functions which interact with third parties’ tools and websites. Here, the users’ approval is needed.
First of all, we inform you that it is possible to set your browser in order to stop using every kind of cookies jut by following one of the many handbooks available online. However, we also advise you that the cookies disabling may determine the total or partial compromising of our portal functionalities. Through the cookies managing panel, it is possible to enable or disable every single tool using non-technical cookies.

List of using-cookies tools

Google Analytics
is a Web Analytics service provided by Google which allows to analyse some detailed statistics about our website visitors. The anonymisation function, which makes it comparable to a technical cookie, has been set up.
Personal data processing location: USA – Privacy Policy - To learn more about it, please, visit the official website.

is a service which allows us to display the geographical data on our website interactive maps (LeafLet).
Personal data processing location: Netherlands – Privacy Policy - To learn more about it, please, visit the official website.

Google Tag Manager
is a platform which allows us to manage the codes, as well as the monitoring and website-analysing codes tags.
Personal data processing location: USA – Privacy Policy - To learn more about it, please, visit the official website.

More information about cookies

If you are not sure, you can ask it us or, as our privacy policy stands, exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to privacy@greatestate.it or to the data protection officer at dpo@greatestate.it.

Processing controller

Great Estate Immobiliare S.r.l., with headquarters in San Casciano dei Bagni (SI) - District of Palazzone, Via Piana 15, 53040 – ITALY, is the processing controller.

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