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General features


Qualitative features

  • Centrality of the property location in relation to the city centre
  • Collective facilities presence (schools, markets, public buildings, etc) in a short distance - max 1 km
  • Leisure and free time infrastructures presence in the surroundings (natural parks, golf clubs, stables, yacht club, amusement parks, etc)
  • Quality and healthiness of the external environment
  • Public or private green areas presence in the surroundings
  • Availability of public or private parking
  • Conditions, length and comfort of the access road
  • Airport, motorway or railway station, touristic ports (transport services in general) presence in the surroundings
  • Specific attractions (seaside, ski facilities and, in general, everything which, in a given area, can positively affect its market) presence in the surroundings

  • Panoramic view quality
  • Brightness and exposure state
  • Property floors level (on the street level)
  • Privacy quality
  • Disturbing elements (power towers, congested streets, industries, power stations, landfills, etc.) presence in the surroundings
  • Property exposure

  • Interior finishing quality
  • Exterior finishing quality
  • Internal spaces sense, functionality and flow – internal layout (ground floor living area, first floor sleeping area, well connected large rooms rather than, compared to the use functionality, small and badly located rooms)
  • Energy saving category (solar and photovoltaic panels system, wind-power system, walls and roof insulation presence, windows and doors quality, etc.)
  • Water system quality (public net/ well/ spring and/or natural lakes etc.)
  • Heating system quality (public net/ GPL tank/ stove etc.)
  • Electrical system quality
  • Air conditioning system quality
  • Sewer system quality (public net VS own system)
  • Building structure general security level
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance state
  • Property surface and external and internal spaces surfaces matching
  • Property historicity
  • Lands quality and workability
  • Wells, lakes or springs water supply

  • Real or potential property profitability
  • Marketability quality
  • Presence of an affirmed logo/brand